Charity Website Design

Professional website design and development for your your charity!

Are you a registered charity or none profit in the UK or worldwide?

I offer full custom website design and development services that may be able to help you! Most importantly, in most cases I will provide you with a very reasonable discount on my services, if you are a fully registered and ethical charity.

Of-course, the normal cost of high quality and professional website development services would not be extremely cheap, but hopefully a discounted price along with an excellent service would be able to help out your charity!

In very rare cases, for charities that I’m extremely passionate about or that may have affected me or someone I know, I will provide a very significant discount, or offer some of my services for free. Of-course, it would be great if I could do this for every charity, but sadly that’s not possible.

Additionally, my time is of-course limited, and I need to be able to work on other client projects too, so I will likely only be able to take on 1 new discount/voluntary charity project every few months.

What can I do for you?

I can offer you full custom website development services in which your website will be developed with a professional & unique design, high coding standards, and will be easily manageable.

Your website can include a variety of functionality, including news, a photo gallery, videos, donation forms and much more!

Alternatively, if you are just looking for some maintenance and support for your existing WordPress website, feel free to get in touch!


I’m Elliot Sowersby, a freelance WordPress developer from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I have over 7 years development experience and started full time freelancing in 2016. Since then, I have helped clients & businesses from all around the world with developing and maintaining their WordPress websites.


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Fun fact: 33% of websites on the internet use WordPress - from small blogs to large businesses.