Reliable Infrastructure

Managed WordPress Services: Reliable technology that you can trust!

A hosting infrastructure is built to scale with your site

If you choose a Managed WordPress Services plan, your website will be hosted on a top-of-the-line infrastructure designed to scale with your site, maintain an impressive 99.99% uptime, and put your mind at ease.

The technology that powers your WordPress site on the hosting platform, powered by Flywheel, making them fast and secure is multi-layered and complex. Hopefully the below information can shed a little light on the parts and pieces that make up the hosting server infrastructure.


Your website will be hosted on a powerful “VPS” server and is given the resources (such as memory) it needs to ensure your site has amazing performance (unlike typical “shared hosting” where your site is shared with hundreds of other sites with limited resources). This will see much higher speeds and stability for your site.

Caching Layer

The caching is powered by the Varnish cache server. Varnish is an incredibly fast memory-based HTTP accelerator, that has been customized with rules specific to WordPress and our environment.

Web Server Layer

The Nginx web server is used to serve up static files, and act as a reverse proxy to the processes that run PHP. Nginx also handles all of the rewrite rules associated with serving up WordPress websites.

PHP Layer

The servers run chrooted PHP-FPM instances to execute the PHP code that runs the WordPress code. This PHP is optimized with things like APC.

Database Layer

MySQL powers the database. Pretty straightforward installation, with a performance tuned configuration.

Of course these are just the major components that power a site. In addition to these there are myriad other services and processes that provide enhanced security, performance, manageability, and reliability. Together these systems comprise the hosting platform, which enables your sites to run incredibly fast and be incredibly secure.

Fun fact: 33% of websites on the internet use WordPress - from small blogs to large businesses.