Managed WordPress Services: Top performance to keep your website blazing fast!

Achieve world-class website performance. Be confident that robust caching comes standard. You’ll get top performance out of even the highest traffic sites. Expecting a massive influx of traffic? Breathe easy. The caching technology can handle millions of visitors without flinching.

No need for caching plugins

You may have relied on plugins in the past to squeeze performance out of your site. Our server-side caching takes care of all that. No more tinkering with caching plugins to try to speed up your sites.

Scale to millions of visitors

Expecting a massive influx of traffic? Breathe easy. The caching technology can handle thousands to millions of visitors without flinching.

Expert performance assessments

Performance tuning isn’t what you should be focusing on. You’ve got other things to do. That’s why free performance assessments on your site’s code and setup are available. Get in touch for recommendations on how your site can achieve its absolute top speed.

MaxCDN – Advanced Content Delivery Network Addon

Partnered with MaxCDN, a leading provider of Content Delivery Network services to sites small and large. Its worldwide network and advanced technologies mean that your content is always available and always performing at its best — no matter where you’re at on the planet.

Take your speed global with a CDN

If you or your visitors are on the other side of the world, your site is right there for them. With the Advanced CDN add-on, your visitors will receive images and static files from the server that’s physically closest to them. That proximity ensures their experience with your site is so fast it’s practically smoking.

Have an e-commerce site? There is caching specifically for you.

Ecommerce sites can be tricky to cache — they’re highly dynamic and often require custom configurations. Never fear. Get in touch for support to make sure that your ecommerce site is fully cached. Your users can continue to easily and quickly make purchases, which is what everyone wants.

Fun fact: 33% of websites on the internet use WordPress - from small blogs to large businesses.