WordPress Performance Optimisation

Speed & Performance Optimisation for your WordPress website!

Is your WordPress website running slow? WordPress optimisation is very important to help improve the overall speed of your website, along with fast WordPress hosting. Website performance is also very important for your search engine rankings.

Performance scans and analysis
I will generate a variety of scans to test the overall performance of your website, analysing the results to find out what is slowing down your website the most.

Each of your plugins and themes will be thoroughly analysed to determine if any are affecting your websites performance.

Optimise your images

Optimise your images with multi-pass lossy compression. Get from 2x – 10x more compression than lossless with almost no noticeable quality loss! Squeeze every last byte out of your images whilst keeping high quality. Automatically optimise my images on upload.

Minify your files
Your CSS and JavaScript files can me minified, which removes any unnecessary data from them that causes your website to run slower.

Optimize your WordPress Database
If necessary, your WordPress database will be optimised for greater performance.

Implement correctly configured caching on your website to increase its overall performance and speed. Managed WordPress Hosting offers built in server caching, designed specifically for WordPress therefore there is no need to configure or mess with caching plugins. Every site has caching built in, ensuring your sites perform well.

Content Delivery Network
A CDN, which stands for “Content Delivery Network,” is a collection of servers all over the world that hold a copy of your site’s files. When a user visits your site, the files on your site are downloaded from the server that’s closest to them, which means your site loads even faster! I can offer advice on setting up a Content Delivery Network for your website. Content Delivery Network is also available with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Huge increase in website speed!
Depending on its current speed, it is possible to see your site speed increase up to 2x following proper optimisation and high speed hosting. See your website load almost instantly with speeds as low as 1-3 seconds*.


I’m Elliot Sowersby, a freelance WordPress developer from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I have over 7 years development experience and started full time freelancing in 2016. Since then, I have helped clients & businesses from all around the world with developing and maintaining their WordPress websites.


Fun fact: 33% of websites on the internet use WordPress - from small blogs to large businesses.